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Some of you have expressed genuine interest in this UHG Screenplay experiment so I will fight against my slothful nature and try to move this thing forward.


While many of you have given me some excellent suggestions regarding the project, TheNerdyMel directed me to this screenplay formula that I will use to do a VERY ROUGH OUTLINE of because while she talks about a "good" co-writer, I have made no such claims. As I have tried to make clear, I am an idea person - not a do actual work person. Also my writing is mediocre and uninspiring, so if you take a topic/section/whatever it's called, you'll need to flesh it out some more. Or someone(s) can take my rough outline and flesh it out.


I will try my very best to get the outline done this weekend but I'm all booked up tomorrow and if Sunday is nice out I will have to take advantage and do grown up yard crap because winter is coming and there was frost on my window this morning and I need to clean up my garage so I can park in it. Hopefully I will get something up:


What you can do in the meantime:

Issue 1:

We need to decide how we're going to coordinate this co-writing.

There's couple ways we can do this. I have set up a gmail account (I have also created this corresponding UHGMovie kinja account). I can put a screenplay template up that and give you all edit rights to it. I'm not entirely sure how that will work if multiple people try to work on it at the same time and what not.


You can write your scenes on your own then send them all to me, I'll slap them together for everyone to see like google docs and go from there. If we do this, it's important everything is saved and sent in the same format/file type.

Another option I found is which is free and allows people to export their script (in this case the scenes they are working on) in a text format then email that text to, for example, me and I could upload them all to the UHG account. Also, you can share scripts with other email address. The shares cannot edit but can make comments. It's free and seems like might work. You just need a gmail or yahoo account to log in. If you don't have one, create one for this. Or even if you do for privacy.


So discuss. Try things out. Play. Test. Share your better ideas. Steal this project and run with it. Whatever makes you happy.

I'll be back. Eventually.

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